With our task management, micro training and communication app companies can easily create, distribute and control implementation of their processes in many areas.


Our aim is to help retailers to simplify management of their tasks to ensure processes are delivered to the highest standards.

Large organisations usually have well-defined procedures executed by employees with different experience, skills and attitude. Our system enables distribution of tasks to store employees, managers and auditors directly from the headquarters and receiving confirmation of their execution in a structured form. The tasks can be assigned by other groups, e.g. auditors to store managers etc. At the end all field users receive prioritised tasks, clearly defined guidelines and real-time feedback.

With TakeTask app managers get a unified overview of all ongoing processes, because all data is collected and structured in one database. At the same time work of employees is easier thanks to very simple intuitive application and prioritisation of tasks.
The transfer of procedures is very simple and takes place with the participation of client's employees and consulting companies.

Key Benefits

We deliver excellent execution of standards thanks to communication and task management application for companies with geographically dispersed labor force.


Examples of areas:
- Food safety procedures (HACCP) registration and reporting
- Implementation of planograms, Visual merchandising and promotions - Image recognition software
- Documentation of in-store promotions
- Competitors monitoring (price, range, promo) - Real Time Recognition software and Barcode scanning
- Application for internal audits
- Security check lists - integration with Beacon
- Recruitment onboarding and training
- Installation and maintenance of store equipment, requesting external services from vendors

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