Broad-spectrum anti-biofilm compound that enhances activity of antimicrobial agents for chronic infections and disinfection


cis-2-decenoic acid (CDA) is a naturally produced bacterial signaling molecule that combats chronic and resistant hard-to-treat infections by inducing microbial biofilms to disperse. CDA can disrupt or modulate communities of infecting or contaminating pathogens. CDA also makes microorganisms more susceptible to antimicrobial agents and, thus, can be used as an adjuvant to enhance the function of available antimicrobials.

Key Benefits

Broad Spectrum: Active against gram+ and gram- bacteria and fungi

Effective: Nanomolar concentrations disrupt biofilms

Versatile: Improves activity of various antimicrobials

Natural: Signaling molecule synthesized by bacteria


Human health (oral care, chronic infections, wound care, Cystic Fibrosis, surgical site infections)

Animal health

Disinfection (medical and industrial)


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