Distributed provides UK managed, globally distributed teams on-tap for software and data projects.


No organisation can find all the technical resources needed within a 20-mile radius of a fixed location. With Distributed, businesses can work with a globally distributed, fully managed, software development team, as easily as if they were locally situated. Distributed have a vetted global team of 350+ engineers, managed by an experienced team of permanent London based project managers and technical leads, all brought together by a top end tech stack. As a client, you get access to the cost effectiveness of off-shore development, combined with the transparency and accountability of an in-house team.

Key Benefits

1. Talent: World-class talent pool of 350+ experienced and vetted software developers 2. Quality: Adaptive project management and quality assurance team based in London to oversee all projects 3. Speed: Projects can be scoped, costed and initiated within 24-48 hours 4. Delivery: robust and transparent processes, rigorous testing and integrated 3rdparty QA tools 5. Security: Enterprise grade security and control measures 6. Cost: Only pay for utilised hours when you need them


1. Reduce in-house core team and increase size of elastic team to cater for fluctuating capacity requirements 2. Outsource system maintenance/ servicing of technical debt, so in-house team can focus on new, exciting product development 3. Quickly access specialist skills that are non-core to the organisation, only for the period they are required

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