Commonplace will help Walmart Canada to engage communities of shoppers, nationally or at a hyper-local level, using our market leading digital platform to engage and consult.


Commonplace is an online community engagement platform. We help our clients to engage with more community members and collect their ideas to help make better places, choices and experiences. Our ability to connect people to places in a meaningful, transparent conversation that generates understanding and informs better decisions is our DNA.

The Commonplace platform will help you:
1. Gain a shared understanding of community priorities
The conversations we facilitate give you robust insights into collective community needs. Commonplace identifies the key topics that communities care talking about, providing you with rich, data-led evidence to inform design and planning, development and regeneration decisions.

2. Reach a broader and balanced audience
Traditional engagement meetings are attended by a small number of people. We help give everyone a voice in the planning process, including busy and younger people who are often not heard. Commonplace attracts a greater number of people under the age of 40 than is expected from the local demographics - overall the age of our respondents spans 13 to 92.

3. Make better decisions by building trust
Lack of trust is often a barrier to a constructive community discussion. Commonplace helps generate trust through an open, honest conversation that helps you to maximise community benefit and reduce your project risks.

Commonplace is an independent, private company owned by founders, staff and investors. We are a social business with social objects in our Articles of Association: to increase participation; to surface unheard voices, and to help activate communities as better collaborators.

Key Benefits

Commonplace has a vision to connect people to places in order to accelerate positive change. We are passionate about giving people a meaningful voice in changes to their neighbourhood.

We have developed a proven methodology to do this, which has been used on over 1,600 projects, and by more than 5 million people. We offer a cloud-based application together with support and advice on using digital technology in public engagement.

We have learnt that our value to customers and communities is maximised with fantastic, proactive support. What we do is to power positive participation.

We are purpose-led with a belief that by creating positive impact we will also achieve commercial success. We do this by:

1) Facilitating a shared understanding of needs between our customers and the community. We do this as early in the project as possible

2) Capitalising on the strengths of digital tools to create trusted conversations

3) Generating constructive collaboration that reduces projects risks and increases mutual value


The Commonplace platform is an integrated suite of modules and tools that you can assemble in seconds to create a bespoke engagement mobile phone and website experience to meet your engagement needs.

Some customers find it helpful to think of Commonplace as WordPress, Google Analytics, a GIS system, Google Forms, and Microsoft Excel all in one seamless package that is tailored to your specific project needs.

You can find full details of functionality and features on our website. Across all of our modules we offer:

Accessible mobile-first experience for any web-connected device. We support screen readers and other accessibility features

Fully customisable content, questions and demographics data collection. You will have all the support you need from our team, and you can edit from your browser

Application-specific templates and tools that enable you to get up and running quickly whether you are running a planning application, development proposal or any other kind of community engagement.

A news feed that notifies our community about updates and new projects closeby

Full social media integration

Customisable look and feel to reflect your brand.

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