Consolidate inventory into a live network. Optimize order allocation. Fulfill and dispatch orders from store. Fully-managed last-mile courier integration. Sell on marketplaces.


Dropit is the only technology platform that unifies and extends retailers’ sales, fulfillment, and distribution capabilities with plug and play solutions that integrate quickly and easily into their existing information and operations infrastructure.

We liberate inventory, allowing brands to advertise, sell, and distribute all their inventory simultaneously through an unlimited number of channels, without allocating inventory or adding additional resources.

Our solutions add capabilities and enhance sustainability without interrupting brands’ day-to-operations, with low CapEx investment compared to in-house or competing 3P solutions.

Brand Fulfillment
Integrated solution that consolidates inventory from multiple channels into a live inventory network and enables brands to optimize order allocation with smart sourcing, and fulfill and dispatch orders from any location in their brand portfolio, whether its a physical store, online storefront, or third party eCommerce.

Last-Mile Distribution
Allows brands to enjoy automated, optimized, and fully-managed courier bookings to dispatch orders from any location, drawing on Dropit’s smart-sourcing and courier aggregation technology. Can be attached to brand fulfillment or a stand-alone solution.

Multi-brand and/or multi-mall eCommerce solutions offering consumers the feel of the in-person shopping experience, while connecting brands to Dropit’s suite of fulfillment, distribution, and omnichannel solutions.

Site-based and online solutions that upgrade customer experience by weaving convenience and choice into the online and in-person shopping experience.

Key Benefits

At Dropit we love retail. Today’s retailers face stiff challenges in meeting rigorous digital-age service and environmental standards, making this the perfect moment to elevate the retail industry’s productivity, sustainability, and customer service to the highest possible level.

We aspire to use our technology to unify retail in a new way, providing the synergy, flexibility, and agility that retailers need to maximize revenues, thrive efficiently, and deliver customer experiences that consistently delight and inspire.

When brands elect to integrate the Brand Fulfillment Solution into their IMS/OMS, they are able to utilize smart sourcing technology to optimize their order allocation to achieve various business goals.


Retailers, Brick & Mortar stores, eCommerce, Malls, Marketplaces

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