Dry Air Hygiene System

Sanitises surfaces, cleans air, kills bacteria

Health & well-being derived from living in a pathogen free environment coupled with breathing purified air


The technology is a chemical-free air and bacteria purifying treatment based on ionisation, a natural but efficient process found in nature. Ions are floating in the air around us all of the time and have either negative or positive charges.  Changes in their concentrations or in the ratio of positively to negatively charged molecules can have remarkable positive effects on humans, animals and plants.  The process of ionisation is often referred to as the ‘thunderstorm effect’ because of the benefits associated with negative ions, such as the sense of wellbeing following a thunderstorm when the air is heavily charged with negative ions. This natural cleansing process has been harnessed, and the technology to replicate it has been developed and advanced to super efficient sanitisation over 20 years.  Initially established in the food industry (preserving fresh produce in the North Americas), the expertise and high-tech adaptation for portable and static units has the capacity for innumerable applications across a multitude of industries where personal and public hygiene is necessary.   

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