The device provides definitive indication of the presence of middle ear fluid, reduces antibiotic resistance by prescribing antibiotics only when they are needed for treatment.



Acute Otitis Media (AOM), more commonly known as an ear infection, is the second most common cause for pediatric office visits after the common cold. Sixty percent of children will experience AOM in infancy, with more than 90% by age 2. AOM inflicts a heavy antibiotic burden on society, accounting for 80% of office visits that require antibiotic prescriptions. Unfortunately, for children under the age of 2, poor diagnostic certainty for AOM is common due to numerous highly nonspecific symptoms. In addition, the presence of obstructive cerumen (ear wax) blocking a clear view of the tympanic membrane is a major hurdle in the proper diagnosis of AOM. The inventors have developed a low-cost, non-invasive, readily adaptable device that can rapidly determine the presence or lack thereof otitis media despite the presence of earwax. The technology relies on measuring the reflected intensity of various wavelengths of light incident on a biological material.

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