Earth Eco Brick

Eco-masonry product; green technology – great possibilities

Largest recycled content of any building product on the market - over 90% recycled construction waste.


About According to new legislation, at least 70% of all construction waste will need to be recycled by 2025. The development of a sustainable masonry brick will assist essential waste reduction (in landfill and production materials) and advance recycling in Scotland and potentially worldwide. This exciting new building material has been born from traditional methods of earth construction, Scotland’s desire to reduce waste to landfill and Society’s imperative of reducing environmental impacts particularly in the building sector. This unfired Eco-Brick has excellent sustainability credentials - having 90% recycled content from construction waste, no energy input in its production in the form of gas use when compared to traditional clay-fired bricks and no cement use when compared with concrete blocks. The Eco-Brick has a pleasant organic finish that does not require painting or surface treatment but has the potential for a range of products with colour finishes using recycled pigment. The performance characteristics of the eco-brick and its “build-ability” make it suitable for most of the applications usually reserved for traditional brick/cement products and historically unsuitable for air dried products. Key Benefits Largest recycled content of any building product on the market - over 90% recycled construction waste These unfired units have excellent sustainability credentials - no gas use for firing, or cement required Provides a market for recycled aggregates (gravel and sand) from construction and demolition sector Significantly lower life cycle environmental impacts compared with traditional clay fired bricks/ cement-based products In short - Easy recyclability, low resource use in manufacturing and low energy curing Applications Creates a new product from waste that would otherwise be landfilled Sustainable construction product suitable for internal and external load-bearing and “facing” applications Lower cost recycled materials than in traditional bricks / cement-based products as well as reduced production cost per unit IP Status A UK priority application is currently being sought. Due to this priority filing, detailed information on the Eco Brick is available under confidentiality agreement only (available on request). To aid understanding of the Eco Brick and its applications, an information pack of “Non-confidential technical materials” is available to interested parties on request from the University TT office. The new eco-masonry product is entering the early commercialisation stages of its development, and views are actively being sought currently from building owners and potential specifiers as a critical part of the product development program (under NDA).

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