EcoFoote links people and businesses to a ​​multidimensional approach to sustainability. Our platform takes you on a journey of measuring and reducing your personal environmental


EcoFoote links people and businesses to a ​​multidimensional approach to sustainability. Our platform takes you on a journey of measuring and reducing your personal environmental impact. We encourage sustainable behaviour by setting interactive tasks that enable you to reduce your eco-footprint. With every completed task, we reward you with eco-coins that can be used to purchase sustainable products. In doing so, we close the feedback loop in a circular economic model of guiding, rewarding and connecting people to sustainable solutions. EcoFoote uses lifestyle based information to calculate personal environmental impact, incentivizing healthy behaviour that benefits you and the planet.

Key Benefits

Generally speaking, consumers tend to choose an environmentally friendly option over an ecologically inconsiderate alternative. A reduced carbon footprint makes for a polished corporate image, and we can help you get there. Our vision is to support a transition to a greener economy and sustainable businesses are an imperative aspect to that reality. ​Join the sustainable movement and establish your business as environmentally sensible and improve your brand. ​

There's no single step towards a sustainable future, so we offer a diverse range of sustainable solutions that promote the transition to a greener economy. We have developed a multi-dimensional approach to sustainability that benefits both people and businesses. Our carbon compensation method promote the restoration of ecosystems through our reforestation projects. Furthermore, we offer Sustainable Consulting, as well as Eco-Education to improve your understanding of sustainability.

Through our interactive EcoFoote system, we guide you on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We offer Eco-Education courses to educate and qualify you and your employees in the field of sustainability. Go on an e-learning journey with our advanced online courses and upskill in a way that benefits you and your environment.

Give your business and employees the tools to learn how to shift to more sustainable business practices. We offer personal and professional courses that can enhance your understanding of sustainability.

EcoFoote can help you track your company's carbon emissions and set goals to reduce them. We offer a means for you to reduce your carbon emissions by planting trees. In doing so, your company directly promotes biodiversity and the restoration of ecosystems. We've partnered with reforestation organisations to reduce global Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions and to take action to minimize climate change.


Becoming a more sustainable business is imperative for a greener future. We offer services to businesses that aim to make their practices more sustainable. Starting from the triple bottom line, we help you to find a balance between social, environmental and economic benefits.

-Build your ​sustainable customer base;
-Enhance your business brand;
-Feature your Eco-friendly products;
-Build a community of responsible Eco-consumers;
-Build your Corporate Shared Value (CSV);
-Enhance your Corporate Shared Responsibility (CSR);
-Improve your Environmental, Social and Governance rating (ESG);
-Educate your staff on business sustainability;
-Validate the sustainability of your business;
-Reduce your business carbon footprint.

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