EcoMarine Enviro Calculations

No one should waste time preparing reports

Online platform for managing emissions of industrial enterprises, calculate and report on-fly


The online platform "EcoMarine" is a system that allows you to automate the collection, processing of data and the formation of necessary reporting (statistical, tax, environmental and other).

Key Benefits

✔ | Compliance under control ✔ | Acceleration of inspections and audits ✔ | Less paperwork ✔ | Reduced administration costs ✔ | Risks under control ✔ | Precise planning ✔ | No turnover and shifts issues ✔ | Control of KPIs across the corporate ✔ | Available 24/7 ✔ | Safe and secure ✔ | Easy adaptation and scaling ✔ | Cross-checking data


Industrial enterprises which required to calculate, monitor and report data

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