Deliver relevant targeted messages and promotions to in-store and online shoppers via digital and existing in-store hardware


Ecrebo OnPoint enables real time offers, messages and promotions to be delivered to shoppers via any digital channel including website, smartphone apps, email, SMS and also the existing in-store receipt printer.

Customer engagements are targeted based on the current transaction content, current transaction value, payment method, day/week/month/time, location, loyalty ID and historical shopping trends as well as uploaded historical loyalty data,

All channels, campaigns, reporting and analytics are managed through the single, easy to use, web interface "OnPoint Manager".

Full analytical data ensures campaigns can be created, monitored and evolved to drive maximum shopper engagement as well as detailed measurability for financial control

Key Benefits

Ecrebo OnPoint provides a unique new marketing channel enabling real time, targeted communications with both in-store and online shoppers dramatically increasing the level of shopper loyalty, visit frequency and spend.

OnPoint also provides a level of in-store shopper habit visibility which has previously only been accessibility via online platforms.

Key OnPoint benefits are:

- Increased ATV
- Increased shopper frequency
- Enhanced shopper loyalty
- Right message, right time, right customer
- Multi-channel offers and promotions including real time in-store delivery
- Improved in-store shopper analytics
- Customer rewards
- Collated fleet receipts
- Collated fleet rewards


Promotions Offers and Messages
Store Openings / Closures
Seasonal Information
3rd party supplier funded campaigns
Digital Loyalty points/stamp
Bounce back rewards
3rd party collaborations
Fleet receipts
Fleet rewards

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