Ekopolimer is giving single-use plastics new life. Offering large scale diversion and reuse of former single-use plastics through compression upcycling into a value-added material. Ekopolimer equals or outperforms virgin materials, for lower cost and smaller carbon footprint.


Low density polyethylene plastic film and flexible packaging are used in a variety of ways, some beneficial and useful as in health systems or product safety, but others totally unnecessary as in redundant packaging. Although the material is stable and reusable, most of it ends up in the landfill, lasting up to 800+ years. To meet this challenge, Ekopolimer is produced thanks to an innovative compression upcycling process, creating lasting economic and environmental value for single and multi-layer film. Ekopolimer can be processed into a wide variety of products and applications where it equals or outperforms virgin material while being cheaper and more carbon friendly. Large scale applications, including streetscape (walkways, curbing, drains, tactile paving, car stops, permeable parking lots), construction (site access, safety, forms, decking), and shipping & movement (pallets, access mats, cribbing), offer high-quality diversion and upcycling outcomes. This highly versatile solution extends the life of single-use plastics while meeting the needs of multiple industries.

Key Benefits

Ekopolimer vs. other plastics recycling technologies:

- Proven technology with large volume capacity
- Scalable at lower capital costs than alternatives
- Regenerative material extends life of single use plastics by decades
- Large market products and applications
- Lower energy and emissions
- High tolerance for dirty, mixed and even degraded plastics
- Significant carbon credit offsets
- Paying above market rates to municipalities to incentivize material stewardship
- Direct conversion to products eliminating cost and energy of pelletization
- Compelling public demonstration opportunities


Ekopolimer can be formed into a variety of products and applications.

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