nmcn Group have increased their carbon reducing capabilities through providing an electric pool car & 4 charging points for any employees at their head office in Huthwaite.


nmcn Group have an ongoing commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. As part of our positive impact plan, we have developed a number of objectives in order to facilitate this target. As of 2020, we have established 4 electric vehicle charging points and now provide an electric pool car for use by our employees. The use of electric cars is likely to increase over the coming years, however the technology for long distance travel with electric cars is still in development. Therefore, the use of an electric pool car for employees making short to medium term journeys can both reduce our carbon footprint but also provide an experience to perhaps lead to private purchase / ownership in the future.

Key Benefits

Elimination of emissions associated to petrol & diesel alternatives, improved accessibility to green technology, improved environment


The electric pool car and charging points can be applied to any journey from our Head office in Huthwaite for a maximum distance of 120 miles (in total) which could be used for travelling to local meetings or trips to the train stations.

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