Liebherr have developed a zero emission electric truck mixer, that is battery powered and can connect too electric, hybrid, diesel and gas truck chassis.


Liebherr have developed a fully electric truck mixer (ETM).

It can be fitted too electric, gas, hybrid and diesel chassis.

If a diesel chassis has been selected, it can be turned off during loading and unloading of the truck mixer, which reduces fuel consumption and diesel emissions. Because the diesel engine can be turned off during unloading, this will also reduce the noise emissions, allowing the concrete supplier to potentially work within residential areas during the night.

The innovative design includes a generator, that charges the mixer battery whilst the chassis engine is turned on. This will ensure that this mixer can be operated for a full working shift without the need to charge.

Charging takes around 1 hour and uses standard industry electrical connections - 400v / 32a.

The on-board battery has a capacity of 33 kWh.

Normal driving power is 60kW and it can peak at 125kW, this means that there is plenty of power to operate the mixer drum with all slump ranges of concrete.

If the mixer battery is emptied, the generator can operate the drum while the truck engine is turned on.

This mixer can be mounted onto a standard chassis.

Key Benefits

Reduced emissions
Reduced diesel emissions (if selected a diesel chassis)
Reduced noise emissions
Can fit on a standard truck chassis
It can be operated all day, without the need to charge
The truck engine can be turned-off during loading and unloading
Can be operated at all slump ranges


It's a truck mixer drum - The application is the trasnportation of ready-mixed concrete and screed products

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