A reactive force by the linear motor armatures on their stators, and thereby on the vehicle.


The system comprises of a pair of identical linear motors, each moving back and forth, mounted on rotary motors that move in half-circle steps. These motors are placed apart on the vehicle body. Upon supplying power, the two linear motor armatures move back and forth along the associated stator arms, while rotating with the accompanying rotary motor armature in opposite directions to each other in unison to generates a reactive force by the linear motor armatures on their stators, and thereby on the vehicle. The system is equipped with suitable means to control the direction and speed of the motors.

Key Benefits

The target market will be the motor vehicle manufacturing industry, Air vehicle manufacturing industry, Satelite industry.

  • The appearance of present vehicles may not change, it will be only an addition of a pair or more dish-shaped or tire-shaped objects, visible or hidden, mounted horizontally or vertically on pivots.
  • This device can impose pressure without the aid of an interactive base device. It can be applied in civil engineering activities such as digging tunnels, excavating trenches, drilling holes, earth excavation, earth moving, mining & oil exploration.
  • Motor vehicles can drive without gearbox, clutches and brakes, resulting in simplicity and lightness of the vehicle, whereas these functions are provided by the thruster itself.
  • Aircraft don't require runaways to take off and land, since thrusters don't use airflow to ascend, descend, or cruise. Using thrusters airplanes, become VTOL type. Helicopters do not require rotor blades anymore when electromagnetic thrusters are installed.
  • Furthermore, people can fly like birds by wearing small-scale electromagnetic thrusters. These thrusters can also be used as wearables to walk and glide on ground surfaces.


It will apply to

  • Elevators for passengers, goods, and car lifts;
  • Vehicles traveling on rails as well as on inclined conveyors.
  • Automobiles traveling on roads and off roads including cars, motorcycles, and vehicles for public transport and vehicles transporting goods;
  • Earth moving machines including excavators and boring machines;
  • Wearable device for pleasure walking & riding;
  • Vehicles moving in waters including boats, ships, and submarines;
  • Air vehicles including helicopters and airplanes;
  • Vehicles used to explore and travel in outer space including launch vehicles, satellites, and rovers.

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