Using electronically generated low power frequencies we are able to deal with scale. corrosion & biofilm in water systems. The UK MOD have over 450 buildings saving energy & water


An electronically generated, low energy frequency modulated signal is applied to the pipe(s) of the system requiring treatment by wrapping a signal wire externally around the pipe forming a coil. We have successfully treated water (Calcium Carbonate), Milk (Milkstone), Beer (Beerstone), Effluent (Struvite). We have even treated the feedpipe to Anaerobic Digesters (AD) increasing Methane output by 17%; worth £1.5Million a year in Feed-in-Tarriffs to the owner

Key Benefits

Saving energy and water. Extending life of equipment. Reduced downtime, maintenance and repairs. Perfect for the environment and The Circular Economy


Hot water Systems, Cooling Systems, Processing Systems, Waste Water Systems

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