Mumba's Employee Engagement Platform (ESS) is delivered as a single app that integrates to existing HR business systems to enable easy access to info and comms anywhere, anytime.


Mumba has developed a unique Employee Engagement Platform (ESS Portal) that plugs into your existing (HR) business systems such as Pay and Rosters and has been designed to make work easier and life better for your employees.

Mumba has various modules that are focused on the most important 20% of functionality so employees can; easily view pay slips, rosters, leave balances and benefits, submit and approve leave requests, receive training & operational communications, all through a single app with a single password that works on any device (even in a browser on a PC).

Key Benefits

• The only app your users need for any ESS process is Mumba
• Possibly eliminate or reduce ESS license costs as Mumba becomes your ESS solution e.g.
• Mumba can implement faster and cheaper than other 3rd party solutions
• Mumba is configured to 100% meet your business requirements
• Mumba provides leading edge technology to help modernize your existing business systems
• Mumba will help improve employee engagement and you will be considered a leading employer of choice
• Mumba offers millennials the modern experience they are used to
• Eliminate paper and manual processes
• No requirements to have an email address for everyone i.e. contractors
• One password
• One very easy to use interface
• Mumba comes with a free SSO solution that ties in all your business systems
• Highly secure- Military grade security-no data stored on phone
• Low data usage-Mumba will not impact your user’s data plan
• Eliminate change management issues if you introduce new business systems (same interface for all systems and processes)
• Little to no training
• Field tested and proven for a mobile work force
• On-going maintenance means always compatible with latest Device/OS/Browser
• Very light IT project
• Mumba works across all device types and browsers
• Amazing user experience means very high user adaption
• Reduce operational risk via Mumba’s audit trail and log files
• Ensure delivery of important information such as OHS policy updates
• Mumba will have a working solution in your hand within 4-6 weeks
• As fast as using chat
• SaaS licence model means you receive new features as they are added at no additional cost
• Consolidate all your apps into one


Mumba is not a systems but integrates to your existing HR systems (Pay and Rosters) and is a 'front door' to any number of other systems.

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