We help remote workers get heard. By providing your employees with our portal, you can capture valuable ideas & insights that improve workplace wellbeing, engagement and experience


GetHerd empowers teams to share important insights, anywhere, anytime. To make work better, all year round.

Listening to feedback at scale and spotting the most important trends can be tricky, especially for teams working from home. We make it simple.

Using real-time insights our platform keeps a pulse on what's happening, helping improve operations, culture, sustainability, productivity and profitability in the organisation.

Improve your digital workplace with an employee voice platform that can be up and running in minutes. Go a step further than surveys and let your teams drive the agenda.

Key Benefits

Surface ideas, views and insights quicker - surfacing problems much sooner than traditional surveys or employee forums.

Getting the views, opinions and ideas when they matter the most.
Engage all teams, regardless of region or role.
Highlight focus areas and invite feedback across a range of pre-determined topics.
Crowdsource across multiple topics, for example improve sustainability, get feedback on the customer experience or surface serious concerns. Recognise and incentivise teams to bring solutions to life.

Improve Employee Engagement, Retention, Wellbeing & Compliance.

Listen to previously unheard voices, keep great insights and retain the great people who have them.
Whether in the field or remote, sharing insights is easy and engaging.
Track employee-led ideas or continuous improvements throughout the year. GetHerd gives your teams an always-on place to share insight or ideas as they have them.

Better Decisions, Faster. Our dashboard shows trends for quicker action by decision makers and managers.

Harness better data for more evidence based decision making.
Get a clear and solution-orientated view of what is happening in each department or region and be more agile.
Use advanced filtering, analytics and tags ensure you're able to see key findings sooner and make better decisions quicker based on whats happening.


Continuous improvement
Whistleblowing or compliance
Employee wellbeing & engagement
Corporate innovation
Speakup Culture
Diversity & Inclusion

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