Develop core technology to detect ectoparasites that impact humans and animals, and embed the technology in novel products to disrupt current antiquated detection methods


Bed bugs, lice and ticks are a global health and societal issue
Early detection is critical to mitigate impact but efforts are failing
Early detection reduces direct/indirect economic impact and level of disease transmission
Detection and control methods are not working well
Rise in bed bug infestations described as epidemic
US 300k+ annual cases of Lyme disease (cost of $3.6b)
US spends $9b+ annually on prevention and control
Billions more incurred on indirect costs such as damaged furniture, lost income, hotel reputational impact, etc.

Developing early detecting electronic sniffer
Detect parasites by “sniffing” their chemical footprint
Multiple market segments
Commercial bed bug detection (hotels, hospitals, etc.)
Residential bed bug detection
Pet and human recreation (ticks)

Key Benefits

Machine learning algorithm will recognize the chemical fingerprint of each parasite


Tick detecting dog Comb
Fixed sensor for bed bugs or ticks detection
Lice hat that is easy to use

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