Briteyellow map indoor places like shopping malls with our Virtual and Augmented Reality Platform to enable Location Insights that unlock hidden revenues and optimise assets.


Briteyellow's software and technology platform is used to map places like shopping malls to create digitized twins in virtual & augmented reality. That helps operators drive value and sweat assets by enhancing customer experience through better interfaces for wayfinding, engagement and interaction, and to unlock untapped new revenue streams through location insights.

It would be helpful if visitors could engage and explore Bicester Village digitally in virtual and augmented reality. Before arrival to see what is there, do a dry run, have an immersive experience, and make purchases for collection on arrival. Upon arrival for a virtual tour and video guide to discover the places that want more easily. The operator can see better how people are using the place both digitally and physically, engage and interact with them before, during and after their visit online or through a connected application with our footfall counting, tracking, and heat maps. All managed through one dashboard interface for online portals, applications and integrated sensors that we maintain up to date.

Key Benefits

The primary benefit of our innovation is to help operators make their places more commercially successful by unlocking hidden revenues through better visitor engagement and location insights. That is enabled by our digitized twins and dashboard. Operators lack the necessary technology and tools to achieve this from a single platform. Our innovation saves the cost, time and hassle of integrating many different products and applications to achieve a similar solution. Our location insights also help them understand better how their place is used, what the current status is for benchmarking, and to optimise performance through footfall analysis and heat maps. All of this is useful for improving customer experience, driving changes in visitor behaviour, and improving resource and asset management.


Application include Virtual Tours, Video Guides, Augmented and Virtual Reality Wayfinding, People flow and footfall monitoring, and Asset management.

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