Enerburn will decrease diesel consumption by 8% or >, CO2 proportionately, DPM/soot reduced by 50%(!),


Enerburn, a fuel borne diesel combustion catalyst is an essential tool to drive diesel consumption reduction, reduced GHG, and reduced DPM/Black carbon - with enhanced engine life, reduced DEF and DPF turnover, with reduced NOX. It can also enhance the rate of ore recovery when horsepower is converted to this use.

Who can afford to ignore positive! cash flow - through diesel use reduction, enhanced engine life, reduced DPF and DEF turnover ?

And the planet cannot afford to ignore for another second reduced GHG, DPM/Black carbon for another second.

Key Benefits

Increased horsepower.
Reduced diesel consumption.
Reduced CO2 emitted
50% reduction in diesel particulate matter/blackcarbon emitted.
Reduced diesel exhaust, diesel particulate filter turnover.
Enhanced diesel engine life.
Reduced NOX emitted.
Enhanced rate of ore delivery/recovery.


Any engine using diesel, including:

Mine haul trucks
Construction equipment
Over the road long haul tractors
Tug boats
Any diesel equipment etc. where it is desirable to have: Reduced diesel consumption, GHG and DPM emissions to be reduced, engine life to be enhanced, to reduce DPF and DEF turnover,

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