In high footfall environments wasted energy from footsteps can be harvested to power applications such as lighting and signage, playing a key role in smart cities of the future



We are an award winning energy-harvesting company that converts the kinetic energy from your footsteps into renewable electricity. In environments with high footfall there is an opportunity to harvest the wasted kinetic energy to power off-grid applications such as street lighting, advertising displays and communications networks in both indoor and outdoor environments. In addition to the energy generating capabilities, our technology incorporates an innovative wireless interface that has the ability to collect, monitor and communicate live footfall and energy-generation data; a vital tool for the smart cities of the future.

The world’s energy crisis has necessitated a radical shift among policy makers and industry participants to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. As a result, renewable energy continues to be the fastest-growing power source globally, with the market reaching a value of £202.9 billion in 2012, and a forecast of £302.4 billion by 2015; a compound annual growth rate of close to 8.5%. Competing renewable energy sources (wind, solar, hydropower) are all ‘established’ names in the renewable energy sector. However these alternative energy sources are ineffective in busy, built up, urban environments sheltered from sun and wind by pollution or high-rise buildings. Despite the growing population in urban areas where it is estimated that 60% of the global population will live by 2030; there is currently no suitable form of kinetic energy harvesting  to power these urban environments.

We recognise that human footfall is currently a wasted energy resource and presents a significant opportunity for the renewable energy generation. Therefore, we have globally pioneered the production of flexible paving slabs that convert the wasted kinetic energy from a human footstep into electricity. An unnoticeable downward movement of 5mm generates up to 7 watts of power over the duration of a footstep, enough, on scale, to power low-voltage local applications. As there is no other commercially viable footfall energy-harvesting product on the global market, paired with the increasing efficiency of LED technology, our company is in a unique position to capitalise on this undiscovered market opportunity.

Since the company’s inception, we have become the market leader in the footfall energy-harvesting sector, generating substantial global press coverage and public interest, with a series of commercial installations underway. The disruptive technology offers a uniquely interactive and engaging experience for its users whilst creating clean, off grid-power source. As a result, we have successfully delivered and amplified marketing campaigns in five continents, across a range of industries.  Our vision is to make the technology available to every community in the world by achieving mass production and transforming the smart cities of tomorrow. Through developing a range of renewable energy technology products that capture energy from a variety of moving objects including people and vehicles, the company has the potential to thrive in the prosperous renewable energy market.



Since trading commenced in 2010, we have partnered with key brands such as Diageo, Uniqlo, Nike, Siemens, Westfield, Adidas, WWF, the BBC and at West Ham tube station during the Olympics – to name a few. We have previously and continue to work with Schneider Electric to deliver a sustainability focus to the April 2013 and future 2014 Paris Marathon. Below are some testimonials from previous and existing clients:


Olympic Delivery Authority, West Ham Tube Station, London

“We wanted people coming to the Games to be able to do their bit for the environment and this is a great example where, literally in a few steps, people have actively contributed towards making these truly sustainable Games.”

David Stubbs, Head of Sustainability at LOCOG

“We aimed to create the first low carbon Olympic Games. One of the more publicly engaging ways we achieved our sustainability targets was utilising the technology. This saw a breakthrough in the UK rail environment sector as the first time energy harvesting had been used on a commercial basis in UK”.

Mostyn Woodhouse, Design Manager


UNIQLO, Oxford Street plus 4 other ‘Heatspot’ locations around London

“The team worked through the night in time critical circumstances and were ahead of schedule on fitting out. The technology performed admirably in the busy retail environment of Oxford Street. I would be keen to work with them in the future”.

Sam Mount, Production Manager at UNIQLO

“The integrated wireless system developed for us is super exciting on so many different levels, it’s a truly transformative way to engage our customers and relates so perfectly with the core message of this new clothing line”.

Neil Mortimer, Production Manager at UNIQLO


Renaissance Works Office, London

“The tiles were incredibly easy to install even during busy office hours and seamlessly blend into our existing work environment. The team installed in under 1 hour which is much shorter than I had thought and the project manager took us through the whole process from start to finish. It was a great opportunity for us to engage our clients and staff in the clean renewable energy sector. The tiles not only provide power for lighting in the office entrance but through the wireless technology system allow us to monitor live footfall. We look forward to working with the team again in the future”.

Mo Martin, Renaissance Works



Our current sales focus is split between two key markets; rental projects and permanent installations. Mainly we select distinguished rental projects with high-profile blue chip clients, in order to prove our product technology and increase media awareness. Events are priced according to their location, scale and stature, as well as tailored towards the client’s budget. Predominately, our clients are corporations with an interest in renewable energy and a desire to fulfil their CSR responsibilities.

As we grow, our aim is to shift our business model towards permanent installations and high volume, infrastructure projects, sold either directly or via reseller channels. The target clients will also shift to large infrastructure and public corporations, including Government bodies. However, we will still maintain our rental market for events and green initiative campaigns.

The Harvester is our core kinetic harvesting product and 100% of the collected energy is used to power applications. It can be seamlessly incorporated into bespoke designs in new build or retro-fitted environments, as well as having the option of customised top surfaces.



We have successfully completed installations worldwide and currently hold stock in the UK, Australia and the USA. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand globally and are interested in forming new agent or distributor relationships in key regions, particularly the USA.

Currently the business is focused on achieving mass market production and delivering large scale permanent installations. We are seeking a £3million investment round to expand our sales teams and drive down the cost per unit through increased R&D expenditure. 

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