Energy On Demand

Extremely Energy-Efficient Electrolysis

Energy demand will increase and be more expensive. Energy can be produced from water. Energy will can be available to all at virtually zero cost. Our electrolysis units can power


Electrolysis splits water into very pure hydrogen and oxygen (H²O = H² + O²).  Reduced size and power from a 12V battery allow for static and mobile applications. Energy will from now be available to all at virtually zero cost. - Input will be water (H²O) from tap, rain or river + 12V at 3-4 Amps. - So this is NOT a perpetuum mobile. - Output is 2 kgs of Hydrogen + 18 kgs of Oxygen (approximately) per HOUR CLIENTS AND EXPERIENCE - Proof of concept is done - Component testing is done - Repeatability testing is ongoing - Reproducibility testing is ongoing SPEED TO DELIVER/MARKET  Patent will be filed in October 2013 External scientific test will be done in November 2013 Test result, i.e. volume of H² and O² produced per time unit, stamped and signed by a reputable institution, will be available thereafter. No trials, no demos. COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITIES  We will transmit the full package of IP, know-how, know-why, active help toward industrialisation, application-integration, etc.

Key Benefits

- Our unit is small in size for practical application is space-limited applications. - Our unit is light for the same reasons. - Power consumption is extremely low. - Energy output is high and 100% clean. - Static applications can be re-powered from solar-, wind- or hydro-energy only. - Energy can be made available everywhere off-grid, at low cost, with limited investment and very light maintenance.


Be it gensets, welding equipment, construction machinery or cars, trucks, boats, trains or aeroplanes: our electrolysis units can power it.

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