The aim of Energy Open Piazza is to bridge the gap between the real estate and energy sectors, in order to facilitate the mass deployment of commercial-scale energy resources


We propose a novel approach to energy data democratisation that will break these vicious circles, unlocking the potentials of an energy revolution: a software platform that assesses the benefits introduced by energy solutions and the business case needed to justify the required investments, showing a clear path to profitability and resulting in faster adoption of sustainable energy.

The final outcome is an enabler for data-driven decision making that allows:
● Analysis of current energy consumption and recommended solutions for storage
(commercial batteries) and generation (rooftop solar)
● Forecasted capital and operational expenditure (CapEx & OpEx), with measurable
Return on Investment (RoI) based on local market regulations
● Tools for carbon footprint reduction assessment
● Assessment for access to smart grid services (arbitrage, reserve provision, regulation,
EV chargers, etc.)

We are achieving this with a software platform that creates a “digital twin” of a building and runs a simulation of its energy consumption profile, making a forecast of energy market and efficiencies, allowing the evaluation of competing solutions for the implementation of local generation, storage and consumption optimisation.

Key Benefits

Energy Open Piazza offers an easy-to-use & scalable platform for assessing, configuring,
deploying, and managing a portfolio of behind-the-meter distributed energy resources (DERs) and energy management services at large real-estate properties. The web-based application will allow customers to conduct initial configuration and feasibility assessments of DER projects at their sites. An online “Transformation Marketplace” will let end users connect with a network of service providers to receive competing bids for project deployment services, including procurement, installation, maintenance, marketing, aggregation, and PPA management.
Proprietary algorithms will automatically control customers’ energy resources to optimize the savings & benefits they provide, as well as monitor and report on existing DER projects and their realized benefits. Finally, a team of account managers and in-house experts will be available to guide customers through the entire process, providing standard form agreements and recommendations at each step.


Presently, EOP has completed the development of its easy-to-use web application for
performing initial project feasibility assessments. This application is capable of completing an assessment of the economic and sustainability benefits of deploying distributed energy resources across a portfolio of buildings within minutes.
The assessment includes three steps:
1. Onboarding: User enters address, size, and monthly energy consumption data for each building being assessed.
2. Configuration: Software provides recommendations for solar & storage configurations
and allows users to enter various scenarios to meet specific KPIs.
3. Analysis: Software generates full economic feasibility and carbon emissions assessment of distributed energy resources at each of customer’s buildings.

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