Patented ultrasonic technology digitally connects users to media in venues, retail sites, TV or radio to enable direct, "in-the-moment purchases from screens or sound systems.


Soundpays is a mobile engagement solution utilizing patented ultrasonic sound technology to enable a real-time, ”actionable” and “shoppable” experience. It digitally connects a mobile device to traditional media (TV, radio, OOH) to offer single-touch purchases directly from the content that viewers are watching or listening to. In retail locations, entertainment venues or while on-the-go, users can download coupons or make direct, "in-the-moment" purchases from screens or sound systems. Viewers can do the same at home from TV or radio. In all environments, the solution generates new levels of attribution data, including customer interest and intent-to-purchase measurements.

Key Benefits

Creating a digital connection between shoppers, audiences, viewers so that they can immediately connect with and engage with the content that they are seeing or hearing, in real-time. This allows viewers to connect and respond in the "power-of-the-moment" - the time when the are most attuned and eager to respond to the content. This digital connection also provides consented user viewing and attribution data.


Utilized to motivate and serve shoppers in malls, audiences in entertainment venues and home audiences watching TV. Also connects with users while on the go who are viewing OOH signs or listening to radio.

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