Engage Mobile Users Everywhere

Broadcast digital content to any WiFi enabled device

Create Local Clouds anywhere. Wireless device that broadcasts digital content to any WiFi enabled device in proximity. No need for an active Internet connection, data plan or app.


Engage Mobile Users Everywhere. No Apps, Internet Or Mobile Network Needed. WICASTR is a small wireless device and Hyper Local Cloud platform that empowers brands and businesses to engage mobile consumers, while seamlessly measuring physical location metrics. Think of it as a small Digital Content Jukebox you can easily deploy to create SMART & Interactive locations. Anywhere. We help deliver real value to consumers enabling them to receive what they want, when and how they want it, while seamlessly measuring location metrics about the physical world. We add a layer of hyper local content and services to any location, turning all visitors into a digital audience. When placed in a physical space, it broadcasts any type of digital content and web services to any WiFi enabled device in proximity without relying on an active Internet connection, data network or plan, or app.  It's All About Proximity, Context & Location. -- Frictionless Mobile engagement Use your own devices to log on to a branded local network with access to information, rich content and services that will enhance your experience at the point of interest. Step 1: Connect to the network Step 2: Automatically enjoy rich content -- To improve the experience one can easily appreciate that there is a need to improve in store Wi-Fi connectivity - A super fast, extreme high bandwidth connection will ensure that the handsets, products, services are demonstrated with a WoW factor… - Smart Wi-Fi Local Cloud enable one to push contextual and visual information that is highly relevant to the location and of course the specific device. - A comprehensive analytics application supports, manages, monitors and measures enabling one to analyse customer behaviour and increase customer acquisition. ---- With WICASTR, you can now create the medium for unique consumer experiences made to engage, communicate and drive sales at the point of interest, without depending on an App, Internet or Mobile network.

Key Benefits

The Future of Retail mobile engagement. We add a layer of hyper local content and services to any location, turning all visitors into a digital audience. Apps require the user to have downloaded your specific app and be actively connected, therefore increasing the barriers to engagement. Our Smart Wifi can push & drive consumers to brand related content that helps to make a purchase decision, on their own smart devices, without the need for an App or even the Internet. -- In-store benefits: - Wicastr provides an enhanced digital customer experience that reinforces its physical in-store benefits of using data on in-store terminals. - Customers receive a consistent experience across stores and regions. - Delivering content from the network edge meaning that digital services are faster and not susceptible to degradation of bandwidth regardless of customer numbers - Differentiates the customer experience from that of the competitors and improves sales, cross-sell and upsell potential --- Cloud-Managed – fast and simple deployment   - Each WICASTR Edge AP is managed by the WICLOUD Manager for simple yet powerful administration of the network and edge applications.   - Web browser based management interface allows a single IT team to manage networks across multiple locations. Easily managed over the web, the solution requires limited IT skills for deployment and on-going management.   - The system has the ability to download and update configurations and join the appropriate network.   - Cloud-managed WiFi enables simple, deployment and rapid growth of multiple networks --- Seamless expereince - High capacity connectivity and enterprise-class functionality ensure seamless delivery to connected clients in the most demanding store environments. - Flexible on-board storage and associated services can be used to cache mobile applications and content directly on the in-store WICASTR Edge APs. Placing content a single hop away from the user, reduces Bandwidth bottlenecks. Seamless over-the-air distribution streamlines the experience of purchasing mobile terminals, applications and content in-store .


You can now be empowered to turn all visitors to any location into a digital audience. Making it easy for Brands, Businesses, Retailers to add layers of content and services to their locations: - Malls - Stores - Venues - Businesses Without the need for engagement via Apps. And provide the full gamut of supporting Site Analytics. --- Example 1. A customer or many customers are evaluation testing devices in Store with the possibility of purchase, upgrading or migrating from the competition. The operator connection (albeit wifi) will deliver a superior enhanced online experience. (aiding retention, sales, enhancing brand) Whilst the connection is being enjoyed, the Smart Wi-Fi Cloud will send or present to them text, images or videos covering pricing, packages, bundles directly related to that device. (enhancing the brand, increasing sales) --- Example 2. A customer or many potential customers are walking past or close to the Retail outlet. The Smart Wi-Fi Cloud can push/ send an invite to any ‘close by’ customer to enter store and review the various products and services. Slick and Smart ‘further offer’ registration is increased by the pleasurable experience, (aiding acquisition) --- Example 3. Customers enter the Retail outlet. The Smart Wi-Fi Cloud can actively track, monitor and measure all customers in Store: - Visitor numbers, Location traffic, Capture rate - Engagement rate, Bounce rate - Dwell time, Visit frequency, Repeat visitor Translating all into valuable business insight onto an intuitive customer dashboard.

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