Reckoon is a platform to engage local/international shoppers when they are online and provide them with a personalised experience when they walk into your store. Enjoy Shopping!


Reckoon is a platform to engage your shoppers when they are online and provide them with a personilised experience when they walk into your store. Using our unique AI algorithms we match the intent of the shopper with the products they are interested in buying. Local retailers benefit from international exposure from visitors from all over the world. Start your prospective shopper funnel even before the international visitors arrive at your store. Retailers benefit by reduced marketing cost. Reckoon keeps upgrading the platform with latest technology relevant to retail sector hence keeping your shoppers always happy with a no-hassle refreshed and updated app for the retailers.

Key Benefits

Our product is global, it connects brands to shoppers intent for online/offline journeys. Enroll your shoppers into your Reckoon ecosystem. Penetrate the shoppers’ journey before they arrive through clustered wish basket search results and a story stream of related offers and benefits pre- and post-visit. Retailers can harness the opportunity to fulfill Wish Baskets and engage with the shopper earlier in their journey either with offers, added value or a simple geolocational reminder in venue. Retailers can enroll under the Destination’s Reckoon umbrella for enhanced data insights.
Shoppers use Reckoon to create wish baskets using pictures of the products & adding size, color and other specifics. Wish baskets then automatically searches the best offer/incentives based on favored Destination or by geolocation.


Our product helps resolve the issue around disconnected Online/In-Store Shopping Journeys. Shopping starts online at home, and often ends at home. There are less reasons for your visitors to ‘complete their basket’ in your retail destination.
The reverse is also true – showrooming! Reckoon build on the shoppers desire and combines it with physical experience for them to purchase from your destination.

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