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Intelligent Automation, Simplified

We help companies access, analyse and act on data to improve business performance. Our award winning platform helps our clients transform and automate critical business processes.


AltViz makes intelligent automation simple. We help enterprises access, analyse and act on data to improve business performance with a focus on revenue, efficiency, customer experience and regulatory compliance. Our award-winning Intelligent Automation Platform allows you to access all your data, perform complex analysis, and output the results as simple, immediately actionable business intelligence, with no disruption to current business processes. Our Platform combines AI, machine learning, big data and cloud technologies into configurable components. It connects siloed data, people and processes across the enterprise to inform and scale complex operational processes. Based on the strength of our work on customer care for insurance companies, we were selected as a finalist at CogX 2019 Annual Innovation Awards for 'Best AI Product in Insurance'. Alongside our work with insurers, our platform is being used in a variety of ways by well known brands, including eBay, Greenergy and Hovis, to help companies grow revenue, ensure compliance, increase efficiency in supply chains and improve customer experience. Our platform begins by ingesting structured and unstructured data, including voice, image and text. It then analyses it using a range of data science techniques including classification, extraction, prediction, optimisation, grouping and feedback loops. The insight gained is then combined with specific business rules to drive actions for your company.

Key Benefits

The majority of companies are held back from effective planning and execution by poor data quality and inaccessible data. The AltViz Intelligent Automation Platform allows you to automatically access the 80% of your data that is unstructured and unreadable by normal automation software. Our Platform reads the data, analyses it and performs a range of automated actions to help your business run more effectively and enable you to make better business decisions. Our platform is being used in a variety of ways to help companies grow revenue, increase efficiency, improve customer experience and ensure compliance, including: - Monitor incoming orders to cut production waste by 50%, decrease order processing times by 90 minutes and improve future demand planning. - Increase average sales 295% through digital catalogue management optimisation and automated listing recommendations. - Reduce insurance claim risk and increase customer satisfaction by monitoring voice calls to determine when a significant loss is notified and update the insurance reserves automatically. Our work with Hovis included an initial use case with a clear KPI to reduce their lag time in their ERP system by 90 minutes, this resulted in reducing their waste by 50%. We now are working together to develop further use cases.


Our Platform has applications far beyond traditional point solutions. We solve customer challenges use-case by use-case, all built on a common platform. This allows us to rapidly expand within an organisation and solve multiple problems based on the same data connections.

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