AltViz: Enterprise Data Mining

Develops machine learning products for Enterprise.

Altviz uses machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence to transform existing intractable enterprise data into strategic and actionable insights for businesses.


AltViz improves business performance by allowing you to access, analyse and act on data using intelligent automation. Over 80% of a company’s data is inaccessible to traditional automation because it is unstructured. Our Intelligent Automation Platform allows you to access that data, perform complex analysis, and output the results as simple, immediately actionable business intelligence. We help our clients transform and automate critical business processes with a focus on revenue, efficiency, customer experience and regulatory compliance. Our customers are constantly challenging themselves to move faster, break down silos and make better decisions. At AltViz we support our customers through our innovative analytics and automation systems. Each engagement is specific to your desired outcomes, use case, problem or opportunity. Custom solutions are quickly deployed over any cloud in a smart, secure, and scalable engine. We can eliminate complex, manual tasks across finance, operations and procurement functions, enabling employees to focus on higher-value tasks. We recently slashed food waste by 50% on short order items for Hovis Bakers in the UK, deploying our solution in weeks. AltViz have been in operation since 2012, using a pragmatic approach to help large organisations to automate complex processes. Our clients include the biggest brands in e-commerce, FMCG and financial services.

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