All-in-one platform for creation, management and sharing of impressive 2D, 3D, AR and VR experiences like 3D product presentations, virtual showrooms, hybrid/virtual events.


rooom offers innovative and trusted metaverse solutions. We launched our rooom experience platform in 2016 which is since the very beginning a unique 3D platform. Our mission is helping people to easily create, manage and produce 3D digital experiences. No special knowledge necessary, everyone can build, enjoy, and share it. We offer our software as a do-it-yourself or provide full services with it (white gloves). Depending on the package, the customer, or the project, we can also provide a full onboarding and further training on the platform.
Clients like Telekom, E.ON, KPMG, PwC, Zeiss, O2 and many others repetitively choose our solutions. Especially popular are our 3D virtual environments – completely individualized or edited from our template gallery –, our 3D products – which are easy to create even from pictures –, and our hybrid and virtual events or community/education platforms.

Key Benefits

- all in-one-platform: create, manage, share 3D and combine with Virtual and Augmented Reality
- all web-based
- without installation, on any device
- short loading times, excellent visuals
- generate 3D models even from photos
- GDPR compliant
- content system management
- no additional tools necessary
- developer friendly (API, plug-ins e.g., e-commerce)
- excellent role management for events/community platforms
- platform made to scale (biggest event so far with 200,000 visitors)
- many diverse avatar systems
- configurators in 3D possible
- volumetric capturing
- extensive real-time tracking and analytics
- gamification and fun
- repurpouse & reuse as often as required


Companies across any industry e.g., retail, e-commerce, real estate, tourism & culture, education, manufacturing, telecommunications, hospitality, etc.
- brand experiences
- digital twins and entirely creative immersive spaces
- exhibitions
- internal and external events, small to very big
- community platforms & collaboration
- e-learning
- virtual showrooms
- e-commerce
- tourism & culture
- festivals & concerts
- real-time 3D conferencing
- NFT & blockchain possible
- sustainability & reuse of content

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