Tracks air quality and pollutants, viral index, thermal climate, noise, radiation, and light parameters 24/7, indoors and outdoors. Users gain real-time alerts & recommendations


RadGreen is a cloud-based environmental quality monitoring and alerting platform. Its compact plug-in devices are outfitted with IoT sensors to track air quality and pollutants, viral index (including COVID-19), thermal temperature, noise, radiation, and light parameters 24/7, indoors and outdoors. Users access real-time results and gain actionable recommendations to improve the health and safety of their buildings and provide transparency for tenants and customers from their shareable RadGreen dashboard.

As a comprehensive, software-agnostic solution, RadGreen requires no additional infrastructure. It was created with industries like commercial real estate, healthcare, and technology in mind, so it is enterprise ready and flexible to scale as facilities grow.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive data and analytics stand alone solution
Easy self implementation
Integration to any BMS and control systems
Enterprise ready
Flexible to scale as you need


Corporates workplaces, offices, and any other space indoors and outdoors
Retail, hospitality and traveling hubs - taking care of customers and visitors, increasing health and trust

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