We are developing a portfolio of safe yet potent antimicrobial peptides with activity against pathogens like MRSA, VRE and Cutibacterium acnes


Our lead compound, NI01, is a 51-mer peptide with rapid (few mins) nM bactericidal potency against MRSA and other Gram +ve bacteria. In contrast, it has no effect on Gram -ve strains - offering a 'targeted therapy' or treatment. The compound has an excellent in vitro and in vivo safety profile, most likely because it is derived from a normal human skin commensal organism and has therefore co-evolved with humanity over millennia. The compound is stable across a far wider temperature and pH range than human skin can tolerate. There are no known resistance mechanisms to its bactericidal activity.

Key Benefits

High (nM) bactericidal activity against MRSA, C. acnes and other pathogens.
Excellent safety profile.
High stability across a wide temp & pH range.
No known resistance liabilities.
Complete freedom to operate (we own all relevant IP).
A GLP-compliant and industrially scalable production system is already in place.


Antimicrobial skin creams / ointments.
Potential for an inhaled medicine (via nebuliser) for pneumonia.

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