Evercity automates end-to-end impact investment process uniting investors, projects & third parties. The key innovation is a blockchain protocol for issuing & monitoring SDG bonds.


Evercity is a blockchain, IoT & AI-powered platform for impact measurement & investment. We help to attain the UN 2030 Agenda by enabling impact funds, banks and corporates to solve major market challenges: increase impact measurement accuracy, portfolio management efficiency, liquidity & profitability of ESG investments.

Evercity co-founders have 9+ years of experience in running a climate impact fund and 4 + years of internationally recognized award winning impact tech R&D in blockchain and other Industry 4.0 technologies for impact investment. We have also performed the world's first carbon credit transaction in blockchain acknowledged by the World Bank.

We have a tech ecosystem surrounding us and an international partners’ network. Since 2017 we have been officially participating in the world's most important climate forum organised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Our CEO is leading the finance working group in the UN-backed Climate Chain Coalition. In 2019 Evercity platform was given the “Ecosystem best practice” award by the International Telecommunications Union.

Currently we have completed the MVP of the platform and made several use-cases in Chile, Russia, New Zealand, Kazakhstan. We have also created an open source blockchain protocol for SDG-linked bonds (linking coupon payments with impact measurements) with methodological support of the UNFCCC. We use Parity Substrate, Polkadot and DAO IPCI blockchain technologies.

The main clients of the platform are banks, funds, development finance institutions, corporates, and impact projects (SMEs and startups in renewable energy, agriculture, energy efficiency etc) in the following regions: EU, US, South East Asia, Africa, South America. The products are:

Portfolio management: a) Digital storage with crypto signature enabling investors and projects to exchange, sign and verify documents and contracts. b) Step by step workflow for green bonds issuance preparations and forecasting their results. The investment is done offline.

Monitoring of impact projects performance with integration of third-party impact monitoring solutions: IoT, satellites, drones. Collected data is put to blockchain, analysed with AI and visualized on investors dashboard.

Issuance of digital impact assets: blockchain issuance of green/SDG bonds, carbon credits, renewable energy certificates. In 2021-2 this will be done in full compliance with respective national regulations within a partnership with a custodian-bank and a relevant license holder. e.g. Tokeny.

We utilize SaaS business model with quarterly-yearly advance payment, as well as receive commissions from third party service providers and success fee for issuance of digital assets. Evercity has ongoing sales and international clients such as EDF, Fortum, Schneider Electric, Aequilibria (Italy), Hevel Solar etc. We have also received a technical grant from Web3Foundation (Switzerland).

We are now in the process of registering an SA in Luxembourg that will serve as a holding company for the development branch in Moscow and representative office in Singapore. So far we have raised USD 500 000 from founders and 2 angel private investors. In the first half of 2021 we plan to raise USD 1,5-3 mln from venture funds.

Our main aims for 2021 are: 1. To raise a seed round from VC’s into the Lux company 2. To expand the team filing the missing gaps 3. To finalize the product and start active sales. 4. To present the ready platform at COP 26 in Glasgow to the international community.

Key Benefits

Our advantages:

- We automate end-to-end impact investment processes uniting investors, projects & service providers. Combination of issuance and monitoring features, allowing us to adjust investment terms according to the real impact of the project. This is a unique feature enabled by digital technologies that no other project has executed before.
- We have unique track record which includes first ever carbon credit transaction on blockchain acknowledged by the World Bank https://cutt.ly/2jRrKFZ
- We have extensive partnerships, including access to the UN ecosystem and methodologies. We are leading the digital green finance group in the UNFCCC-supported Climate Chain Coalition which allows us to know the industry better. Since 2017, we regularly present our solutions at UN climate conferences (platform MVP was presented at COP25).
- Our blockchain protocol uses innovative scalable public blockchain technology which enables interoperability and has low carbon footprint.
- Our dev team is among the pioneers in Ethereum in Russia and is positioned at the core of Russian and international blockchain community . We are partners with WEB3 foundation and part of Blockrocket accelerator (Germany).
- We have great partners: international organizations (UNFCCC, ITU, SDSN), businesses (Refinitiv, EDF, Rusal), industry 4.0 companies and others.


We bridge impact investors from developed countries (Mainly EU) and SDG projects in developing countries. Our target markets are EU, US, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America. We have completed pilots related to IoT and satellite monitoring in Chile, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan.

Our market:

Total Available Market - Sustainable finance, $30T
Serviceable Available Market -Sustainable Debt, $350B, CAGR 54%; Carbon market, $214B, CAGR 34%
Serviceable Obtainable Market (2025) - Sustainable Debt, $7B; Carbon market, $4B

Our products:

Impact Measurement - Manual and automated on-site impact data collection and reporting for green/SDG projects and bonds in line with international standards (clients: impact projects (corporates, startups, SME’s; green bond issuers & ecosystem (banks, corporates, analysts etc))

Impact Management - Supporting portfolio management and interactions between investors and projects by crypto storage and signatures. Deals and green bond issuances structuring.(clients: impact investors
(impact funds, banks, development finance institutions); impact projects)

Impact Investment - Initial issuance of green/SDG bonds and carbon credits. Implemented in two stages: 1. In partnership with exchange or bank (2021-2022). 2. With our own license. (2023 onwards) (clients: issuers (banks, corporates, SME’s), arrangers (banks, DFI’s), investors (banks, funds, private investors))

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