Collaborative energy & fuel solutions from global experts with local expertise. We will guide you through every step of your journey to carbon net zero.


World Kinect Energy Services will offer a full collaborative service to help you achieve carbon net-zero including:

• Sustainability Workshop
• Renewable PPAs
• Cap and Trade Carbon Schemes
• Fuel solutions including:
o Renewable fuels
o Sustainable fuels
o Offset fuels
• TrackMyElectricity

Sustainability Workshop
A critical part of the initial carbon-neutral puzzle for any corporation - what are our strategy and tactics to achieve tangible green goals? Key stakeholders group together with our seasoned carbon emission professionals to decide the best path to net zero. It all starts here, right now. The output will help you design your strategy and tailor your marketing to make your sustainability program met your customer demands because you want a really tangible, robust solution.

Renewable PPAs
Sourcing long-term green power (on budget and greener – and made as specific and tangible as you need. However, this will only solve issues when the wind allows and may not meet your demand needs so comes with a risk that requires risk management know-how. We have spent years managing these core balancing risks.

Carbon Trading
Cap and Trade compliance – we have deep knowledge and skills covering the key C&T carbon systems.

Voluntary Carbon Offsetting
This space is a key area for any residual carbon offsets management and again we bring a wealth of deep experience in sourcing reliable quality projects to suit your needs.

We have the experience and knowledge of the voluntary market and regulated EU ETS and other Cap and Trades to help you identify and tailor the solutions that you need now.

A key part of the conundrum for the construction industry - how to run a business on greener fuels that have less robust supply chains (GTL, Diesel Efficient, HVO, XTL, Biofuel, etc). Whilst there seems to be no silver-bullet single solution yet, there are greener options that are scalable and robust. We know just how important this part of the equation is; we are part of an 80 billion litre global fuel business. We have the technical know-how and experience to recommend the best fuel for your application and your equipment. And we understand how to balance efficiency and performance with the need to be greener.

TrackMyElectricity (going beyond baseload rPPAs)
Track my Electricity helps corporate energy consumers source renewable electricity reliably and transparently from power plants of their choice. For every MWh of clean energy sourced through the platform, a portion goes towards funding renewable energy projects in remote, off-grid areas to eliminate energy poverty and build sustainable communities. Businesses can not only reduce their organisational footprint significantly but also demonstrate a direct impact in support and acceleration of renewable energy growth.

Key Principals of a specifically tailored Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Program (beyond fuel efficiency and alternative burns):
• Real: All GHG emission reductions must be proven and science-based.
• Measurable: All GHG emission reductions must be quantifiable.
• Permanent: Minimise the risk of reversing project emission reductions. Should any reversal be reported then
rebalancing processes will maintain emission reductions.
• Additional: All GHG emission reductions will result from carbon-offset projects which rely on this program's
• Independently Audited: An accredited verification entity, experienced in the relevant sector and location, will assure
and report all emissions reductions.
• Unique: No double-counting of carbon credits will occur - each carries a unique serial number.
• Transparent: All GHG-related information must be disclosed.
• Conservative: Approaches and assumptions will be conservative to avoid any over-estimation.
• Research and development investment: in industrial segment-specific related inefficiency (eg mobile power emission

Key Benefits

Organisational solution built top-down to meet customer demands
Reduced carbon footprint
Long term, sustainability solutions
Risk Management of carbon solutions
Expert advice and collaborative support to help you on your journey to carbon net-zero
Access to global experience through local subject matter experts


Carbon Compliance & Offsetting
Alternative and traditional fuel supply
Site Management
Utilities purchasing & management - emphasis on renewables

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