Evidology is customised to an individual organisation and maps the organisation's data/processes/systems/structure to source evidence (semantically matched to each item of the chosen regulation e.g. GDPR) that is used to provide the arguments that organisation will need to support the legal defence of any claim of breach of the regulation. Evidology enables maximum interoperability with companies’ IT systems and with other web and data sources (compliance evidence) and comes in two forms: The Entry Level version (providing a snapshot of an organisation’s compliance readiness) • The Enterprise Level version (providing an on-going view of an organisation’s compliance readiness).


The Evidology Entry Level version can be used to rapidly assess a company’s regulatory compliance readiness in terms of gaps and quality/relevance of information.The output of this can be reviewed by a legal counsel, in a matter of hours, to assess the risks they run of non-compliance, were they investigated, and what actions are needed to mitigate any risks.
The Evidology Enterprise Level version offers a real-time view, rather than a snapshot in time, of the risk of non-compliance in terms of gaps and quality/relevance of information. It is constantly updated as any relevant changes are made to the organisation. A company can therefore see its risk of non-compliance on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual basis as needed.

Key Benefits

The construction and continuous maintenance of structured, sustainable arguments which provide defensible proof that an organisation is in compliance with all applicable regulations.


All global regualtions

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