Our turnkey ‘studio’, gives entertainers, athletes, brands, rights holders, influencers, businesses and educators all the tools needed to manage/earn revenue in the metaverse


We are a groundbreaking technology company that is redefining how Virtual Reality content is created, shared, experienced and monetised. Driven by a passionate belief in the power of VR to enhance everyday life, we have created a social platform that brings together VR ‘Creators’ and VR ‘Explorers’ into one connected network.

Shaping the future of Virtual Reality by empowering everyone to be Creators and Explorers within one connected VR world.

Key Benefits

We are a cross platform, headset agnostic solution, therefore on all platforms/headsets from one account, with a SaaS entry fee from £10 p/m for full access to our creator tools. In minutes customise your own location (room) with any kind of digital assets (2D / 360 / URL's / Holograms) from a range of editors we offer creators or a stadium performance / keynote. No technical skills or coding needed, drag n drop, upload and publish, with real time editing options as well as monetise (PPV, Ads, Sponsors, Merchandise, events etc..) and share revenue with other creators or explorers. End users can create and personalise life like avatars or animation, create holograms with the eyeora app and create 360 content experiences or tours without much effort and any camera on the market,


Our studio’s user-friendly tools will help you deliver fully immersive experiences that entertain, excite and inspire. In addition, our VR App has everything your audience needs to guarantee a premium and social VR experience including life-like 3D avatars, group meet-ups and verbal chat.

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