EZbra™ is a patented sterile, disposable & absorbing post-op breast dressing

EZbra is a Sterile, Disposable & Absorbing Breast Dressing, to be used after all breast procedures (cosmetic or cancer-related). EZbra allows the patient to recover with dignity.


Every year, 13 million women worldwide undergo diverse types of breast procedures and surgeries, for medical or aesthetic reasons, and yet, there is no standard of care addressing the post-operative requirements of these women. EZbra™ is a post-op breast dressing. It is a patented, FDA listed, sterile and disposable bra, offering an advanced solution and tailor-made wound care for every patient and her specific breast shape, size and procedure, allowing her to recover with dignity. EZbra™ was developed according to feedback from and advice of numerous patients and leading professionals, including breast surgeons, nurses, radiologists and more. With their invaluable information, we created a medical device, which covers the varied requirements arising from all breast procedures.

Key Benefits

* Sterile, Disposable & Absorbing designated breast dressing * A tailor made device, designed for each patient and her specific breast shape and requirements * Eliminates the need for additional post - op compression bras and straps * Anchors implants and stabilizes drains * Prevents medical adhesive-related injuries and irritation (MARSI) * Designed for self application, encourages patients' Positive self - esteem and well being * Featuring disposable ultimate absorbtion, Hygiene and comfort * Reducing medical-team time while dressing a patient post-op


Ezbra is a breast dressing to be used post all breast procedures - * Cosmetic - breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, Gynecomastia , implants removal * Cancer-related - lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstruction * Biopsies * Breast radiology therapy

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