F*** Waste uses connected Smart Scales to measure and categorise food waste as it happens in commercial kitchens, using that data to identify patterns and recommend solutions.


Two Problems, One Solution.
Each year we throw away over $1trillion worth of food globally, 30% of all food produced, food service and hospitality account for about 26% of that waste.
Hospitality and food service are still two of the toughest industries in which to survive & prosper, yet we are throwing away over 1/4 of the food we buy, throwing away profits and jobs.
F*** Waste aims to address both of these issues through the use of our Smart Scales, reducing food waste by 1/2 in professional kitchens and boosting profits by 2 - 8 points.

F*** Waste is a connected set of Smart Scales that monitors food waste in the professional kitchen and uses that information, combined with data from sales, staffing & purchasing to reduce your waste, reduce your costs and boost your business.

Key Benefits

For every $1 invested in food waste prevention a business can expect a $14 return. Hospitality and food service operators continue to struggle with low profit margins, a major concern and influence on the business.
Reducing food waste has a direct, positive impact on the business's bottom line, reducing food purchasing costs by 2 - 8 % points, boosting profitability, securing the business the jobs it provides and its contribution to the local economy.
99% of businesses analysed had a positive ROI when it came to investing in food loss and waste reduction programs.
Hospitality and food service account for 26% of global food waste, accounting for almost 2% of Green house gas emissions, for each tonne of food waste prevented it will prevent 5 tonnes of CO2 being emitted.
A 2013 paper also estimates that 30% to 50% of all food produced on the planet is lost before “reaching a human stomach”, yet globally over 800m people live with food insecurity.

By ensuring the reduction of food waste, we could potentially feed globally everyone suffering from malnutrition. By reducing the tonnes of food going to waste every year, most of it avoidable, we can expect that food security will improve.


Globally there are circa 18 million restaurants, with 1 million in the US and 2.5 million in Europe, of those 40% of which are considered single site, SME's 40% small to medium group companies and 20% large groups, F*** Waste, like other products under the Kitchen OS brand, is targeted to independent and small to medium group professional food service companies.
We have found these companies are aware of the environmental and cost implications food waste has on their business but are
1. Unsure how to incorporate an efficient food waste management system into their daily operations.
2. Are unaware of options already on the market to assist with food waste prevention.
3. Are aware of available options but consider them to be too expensive and unsuited to their business.

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