A fall detection sensor embedded in a high-tech hip protector that responds to every fall by capturing the data and sending alarm messages to emergency service and to neighbours, carers etc. The falls data is accumulated on a database to enable subsequent analysis aimed at preventing further falls. The hip protector prevents all hip fractures and is stuck to the hip like a wound dressing so it can be worn 24/7.This combination of fracture protection and falls prevention is unique.


Fall-Safe Assist (F-SA) is intended to achieve three objectives: first to eliminate hip fractures for the wearer, second to eliminate “long-lies” (where the faller awaits assistance) after a fall, and third to reduce the number of falls. It does this by embedding a fall detection and activity monitoring sensor in one of a pair of Fall-Safe hip pads that are stuck to the hips of people who have a history of falls and bone breakages. The pads use a modern reactive technology that makes them about twice as effective at absorbing impacts as normal foam, textile or polyethylene devices. This prevents all hip fractures as a result of falls, even for those with severe osteoporosis. The pads are held in place by a specially developed double-sided adhesive film (Fall-Safe Apply) that uses a silicone adhesive for the body side, just like a wound dressing. Like the pads, the film is breathable so that the skin under the pad does not become red or sore. It is much more comfortable, convenient and safer to wear than the pants that normally come with hip protectors, because it can be worn in the shower and when toileting, two occasions that often accompany falls. It also eliminates the need for special laundry routines to deal with the pants and pads that are often sewn-in to them. The films last for up to two weeks before needing replacement, which is a simple and very speedy process.
The sensor detects all falls with great accuracy – and without generating false alarms – because of its location on the hip, the most stable part of the body, as opposed to swinging around the neck as a pendant. The hip is also the optimum location for monitoring the wearer’s gait,
counting steps, for example to show the level of the wearer’s daily activity, or measuring the speed of walk, length of stride and degree of sway to rapidly identify if the wearer has a problem and send an emergency message via the Bluetooth-linked Android app. A similar message is sent to a desired set of carer, clinician, neighbours, relatives etc. if a fall has occurred. Last, but not least, fall data as it occurs is sent automatically to a cloud database where it can be accumulated and used by researchers to identify common causes of falls and propose possible means to reduce their numbers.

Key Benefits

It prevents all hip fractures. It is very soft, comfortable and cool to wear so can be worn 24/7 including all night in bed (nighttime is when around 40% of all falls occur), in the shower and during all 'bathroom' activities which are among the most dangerous activities in terms of increased likelihood of falling. The wearer will normally not notice that they are wearing the pads, which are very discreet – much more so than an alarm pendant, which advertises the wearer's incapacity. The sensor will prevent dangerous long-lies after a fall by automatically calling the emergency services, via Bluetooth-linked Android mobile, if the wearer cannot do so. It will collect data on the fall to update a cloud database so that analysts can determine common causes of falls to take action accordingly in order to prevent them. Furthermore a count is kept of all the wearer's steps and a histogram produced to allow comparisons on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progression. This enables carers and relatives to check on the wearer's activity and mobility. It also sends an alarm if the wearer is not wearing the device.


Hip fracture prevention
Long-lie prevention
Daily activity monitoring
Falls prevention

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