We are creating and enabling lifestyle and fashion for the metaverse. We are creating a virtual marketplace (shopping mall) that can trade phygital goods (physical and digital)


We are creating and building a marketplace for the metaverse, any metaverse. We will focus on fashion and lifestyle products, where both physical and virtual/digita (phygital) goods can be traded. Our offerings/Services: Virtual Lifestyle Products for the metaverse - We help brands create 'life-like' digital and virtual goods. Kiosks and displays for the Metaverse - We design and create virtual spaces for virtual goods. These displays can be storefront, kiosks, or a customized environment. Marketplace for the Metaverse - We host the virtual kiosks/displays in our virtual marketplace. Our marketplace includes avatars for shopping and socializing in the metaverse.

Key Benefits

- New channel for marketing and commerce - Increase brand engagement and customer memory retention - Efficient method for creating and testing new designs prior to production - Reduced sampling costs - Promote sustainability by shifting to virtual products - End-to-end solution offering from creation to commerce


- Marketing: create new experiences for your target customers - Product Launch: Test markets by launching virtual goods first - Sampling: Reduce costs by sampling in the virtual environment - Sales: sell both physical and digital goods from the same marketplace

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