Generate faster, more accurate simulations of microphone and speaker audio arrays to improve user experience and reduce costs.


Simulation and modelling of audio arrays is computationally slow and the results lack fidelity. Deployed systems are typically therefore under-optimised and subject to performance degradation as the environment changes. This new analysis technique provides accurate real-time simulations which will allow the development of cost-effective, high performance 3D audio arrays into a wide range of products and services.

This new analysis technique allows product developers and audio deployment consultancies to optimise audio arrays to deliver improved performance with fewer audio elements.

Key Benefits

Improved Quality of Service – performance improvement delivers better user experience
Dynamic – optimal performance is maintained in changing environments
Reduced Size and Cost – due to fewer microphones
Power Reduction – less processing required


Event Recording – concerts, sports
Voice Recognition – e.g. Amazon Echo
Immersive Audio – gaming / home cinema
Automotive – beamforming for music / calls
Medical – improvements to ultrasound
Smartphone – improved microphone arrays, e.g. for teleconferencing

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