A convenient hand-held home-use device leveraging photobiomodulation to alleviate the symptoms of allergic rhinitis without side effects and with results superior to antihistamines


We have successfully designed, patented and tested a phototherapeutic medical device for the treatment of seasonal allergenic rhinitis, and which has the potential to disrupt the $7.6 billion nasal allergy market. The Allergia device is a disruptive innovation. It is the only platform capable of delivering light in a convenient and marketable hand-held home-use device with the intensity and quality necessary to alleviate the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Moreover, results from our pilot study were superior to what is generally achieved with antihistamines. We are excited to be part of a growing number of emerging medical device startups with innovations that treat diseases without drugs. The Allergia device treats patients more economically, effectively, safely than current drug options, and without side effects (no drowsiness, headaches, fevers, nosebleeds).

Key Benefits

Benefits to the Consumer: Convenient - hand-held | easy to use | fits in pocket | reusable - light dosage: six seconds per nostril – once daily - non-invasive Effective - alleviates allergic rhinitis - results superior to antihistamines - rapid onset Natural - no drugs, no toxins No side effects - no drowsiness, no headaches, no fevers, no nosebleeds, no contra-indications, no sunburn, no risk of overuse, no reactions Safe - confirmed by the FDA Affordable


Consumers looking for alternative therapy - High dissatisfaction with OTC brands - Looking for non-drug therapies - Avoid side effects of drugs - Build-up tolerance to drugs Cannot use drug therapy - ADHD, asthma - High blood pressure - Job requirements $7B global market is growing - Longer, more intense allergy seasons - More children and mid-life adults Sanofi and GSK Market Assessments - Two consumer studies confirm - High demand for device - Optimal price point

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