Salary-linked financial products. Range of providers: Insurance, Loan, Savings, Healthcare etc. Easy management for HR. Prime conditions for employees. Promotes financial inclusion


Our solution consists of a BI tool and financial wellbeing platform that fast and efficiently integrates the offers from local financial providers with the payroll systems of companies. Allowing real-time transfer of information, easy contract management and reliable salary deduction on a monthly basis.

We are focused on promoting financial inclusion and sustainability by offering cost-effective benefits for employees of the companies which are integrated to our platform. Always enhancing the security and reliability of the environment of the transactions.

Key Benefits

Financial Institutions: The platform connects employees to companies' payroll systems giving FI's real-time access to validated information from the employees – a necessary requirement for KYC and risk assessment purposes. It then ensures that monthly payments are deducted directly from an individual’s salary so that they can benefit from the lower risks of defaults. 

Employer: Multiple studies around the globe are linking money worries directly to a significant drop in productivity, focus and social interactions. A financial wellbeing platform gives employers a tool to actively support their workers to increase their financial health, motivation at the workplace and retention. A solution that is cost-free and takes the HR max 10min per month.

Employee: By decreasing the acquisition, transaction, and collection costs we enable providers to offer their products at better than market conditions to all employees - including those who previously haven't had access to financial services at all. SalaryFits unshackles consumers from the dependency of a limited pool of financial products typically offered in their salary account.


Company / HR: Make financial wellbeing portal available to employees, where they can apply for cost-effective financial products in a less bureaucratic way.

Associations/Unions: Able to provide a white-labeled financial wellbeing tool to companies, offering their employees the best conditions and creating more value for their members.

Financial Institutions: New commercial channel with extremely low customer acquisition costs, better information access for risk and credit assessment and lower default rates / late payments.

Employee Benefit Providers: Can add a financial wellbeing aspect to their offering.

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