The device is provides exceptionally accurate fingerprint images extremely. It is an efficient and hygienic method of fingerprinting.



Fingerprinting is used in a variety of applications that specifically require biometric authentication to identify an individual in areas that require high levels of security, such as law enforcement and financial industries. Existing fingerprinting techniques, involving wet-ink or live-scan, require an individual’s finger to physically touch the paper or screen. Pressure from this touch causes deformation of the skin and fingerprint, making it more difficult to identify and match with other prints from the same individual. Innovative and upcoming contactless fingerprinting techniques eliminate these deformations because there is no pressure being placed on the skin composing the fingerprint. Comparing fingerprints that have been taken using the same contactless technique have shown success rates of approximately 100%. However, it is difficult to match new fingerprints taken using contactless techniques to previous fingerprints in the database that were taken with older method


UMass Lowell researchers have developed a novel method of contactless fingerprinting involving the use of optical cameras already built in wireless devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. The fingerprinting device is an attachment to the wireless device and has the capability of registering, storing, and recognizing the user’s fingerprint. The image of the fingerprint is transformed into a binary form for comparison and recognition using algorithms created by UMass researchers. The fingerprinting device is capable of working with most operating systems such as MS windows, Apple Mac, and Android, allowing for the immediate transfer and process of images. Contactless fingerprinting can ultimately be used as a fast and convenient substitution for password locking/unlocking in wireless devices as well as by law enforcement officials in the criminal identification process.


Exceptionally accurate fingerprint images
Extremely efficient and hygienic method of fingerprinting
Cost effective and compact design
Compatible with most operational systems

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