If you need to keep your iPad perfectly clean and useful in a clinical environment, the FlipPad even works surgical gloves on.


FutureNova are a small team with big ideas, from their extensive experience in the NHS, Hewlett- Packard and Dyson they design and produce cutting edge products in the UK. They constantly strive to create innovative, market leading technology for healthcare organisations around the globe. One such product is the FlipPad which is the only Apple approved medical grade case for the iPad 2017. FlipPad is a product of a Chelmsford, Essex, UK-based company called FutureNova. The case is designed to enclose a wide range of iPads. From the new iPad 2017 to the iPad Pro9.7 and the iPad Air 2. The FlipPad provides a wide range of fluid and chemical protections for these tablets when clinicians, caregivers, company reps and others use them around patients. Designed to withstand harsh infection control chemicals like high concentration bleach and protected from dust and water spray ingress to IP 64. The FlipPad is the best in its class for work in an Infection Control Environment. The Technology The FlipPad has a specially designed rear handle that also functions as a stand. It’s very convenient when holding the device in the air, and it works well as a stand. The little openings for ports are easy to open and close, and they provide a convenient way to charge the iPad while keeping things looking neat. Clinical teams like the ability to hang the FlipPad on bed rails using the patented rotary handle. They need to work hands free with patients especially when fitting IV drips. All the standard Apple accessories work with the FlipPad including Apple headphones and chargers. The FlipPad for the iPad Pro 9.7 works with the new Apple Pen through the armoured glass screen. Originally designed for infection control environments in a hospital, the FlipPad has gained new market in the Pharma and Biotech Sector. The critical feature is the ability to use any surgical gloves with the screen. This is essential in a clean room environment when the staff are wearing protective gowns and gloves. Features of the FlipPad: Wipe Clean Design Seamless design and precision manufacture allow minimal crevices and a single-wipe cleaning motion. Chemical resistance Built to resist all harsh cleaning chemicals, the FlipPads materials will not be degraded by repeated cleaning. Antimicrobial Screen A clean, tough cover glass made possible by embedded ionic silver with antimicrobial performance Rear Grip Stand The Rear Grip Stand keeps the FlipPad in position, on a desk, the end of a bed or in hands. Use with surgical gloves The glass screen allows smooth, sensitive iPad control even when wearing surgical gloves in clinical environments. Water Resistance Rated to IP64, the FlipPad will protect the iPad throughout sustained spraying with water or other liquids. Drop Resistant The 3mm thick rubber corners and internal retention mechanism absorb the shock from drops and knocks. Anti-scratch The Corning Gorilla Glass allows a deeper layer of chemical strengthening, making it damage resistant. Tough Glass Screen Greater damage resistance means the screen can survive far stronger impacts than other glass screens.  

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