We have created an innovative cloud based analytics and visualisation product (FLO.W) designed to work with real-time geospatial network and sensors (inc vehicle telemetry) data


Our software is designed to turn data about the movement and position of objects (including vehicles and sensors) into valuable insights that can be accessed, understood and used by all levels of users in a business.

Despite only launching our product in 2018 and being a micro SME, our business is already providing this solution to International Airlines Group (focusing on cargo tugs driving airside), Heathrow Airport (all airside ground vehicles), EDF Energy (EV charging demand spots), United Utilities (tipper and tanker fleet routes and impacts) and we are currently also working with one of the UK's largest bus operators in a similar capacity.
We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how it could be effectively used by other organisations to address this and other challenges.

Key Benefits

- enables an organisation to turn a lot of its existing data assets relating to movement & position, into valuable and actionable insights that enables business efficiencies and optimisation...notably in the areas covered by IOT sensors and transport.
- ensures that these insights are highly accessible, intuitive and usable by everyone within the business (not just the preserve of data scientists) thereby ensuring that the business can actually implement actions based on the insights
- cloud based, web accessed means rapid and low impact implementations can be achieved quickly and with high impact


We have recently embraced corporate accelerator programmes and have successfully won places and delivered successfully on several in the past 16months, including International Airlines Group (BA), Transport for London, EDF Energy, United Utilities and Go Ahead Group. Subsequent to these accelerator programmes, two of these have already engaged further and we have commercial contracts in-place (in the case of IAG, they have just renewed and extended it for a second year). TfL and United Utilities have additionally verbally stated that they wish to continue. IN all cases the common element was the implementation and adaption of our software with their geospatial data assets to analyse and visualise insights that enabled a variety of business issues to be addressed relating to the movement (and impacts of movement) of vehicles, although in reality any infrastructure with numerous sensors collecting data that included position would also be applicable for exploitation in a similar manner.

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