The FTG is an advanced scaleable hydro turbine system for use in rivers and offshore applications providing energy directly where it is needed, in a singular or multi unit form.


The FTG is subject to two Patent applications that are at Pending status.
They cover both form and function issues to maximise kinetic energy harvesting.
The development focusses on utilising best practice and materials to outperform levels of output normally associated with such devices..

Key Benefits

Providing a cost effective, reliable, safe, compact, convenient and scaleable generation system for both developed and third world communities.
Being scaleable allows for portability serving armed forces, emergency services, land owners and the domestic market with direct point of use power or in a larger form supporting national grid networks.


River and estuary use - to form singular or multi systems power stations, along the run of watercourses.
Offshore installations - providing Hydro power tidal flow generation for vessels and structures at anchor.
A supplementary sub sea power source for wind turbines utilising their cabling infrastructure.

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