Food Safe System help food companies comply with EU food safety legislation through the use of mobile, IoT 7 cloud technologies. Making compliance quicker, more secure & automatic.


Food Safe System
Food Safe System is a three component system that addresses one of the industry’s most important issues, food
1. An App that replaces all paper based food safety checks, making checks easier to access, use, store and manage, delivering an accountable and defensible food safety regime.
2. A wireless temperature sensor network for the automation of cold chain and storage monitoring, alerting users if problems occur.
Resulting in substantial savings of staff time and eliminating food waste due to staff error or faulty equipment.
3. Food Safe Cloud, where one or multiple sites can be managed from one location, identifying issues before they become problems, reducing the need for onsite visits and allowing for off site auditing.

Key Benefits

Standardised working practices.
Staff time: Staff spend less time filling out the necessary paperwork.
Less Waste: food waste due to human error, leaving a cooling unit open/switched off, or equipment malfunction is dramatically reduced.
Reduces risk: Improved and verifiable data entry reduces the likelihood of a food safety incident and proof of compliance in the event of a food safety breach claim.
Improved management: Multiple units' food safety records can be managed from one location, reducing the need for onsite visits, and quickly identifying potential issues.
Remote auditing: live food safety records can be made available to 3rd party auditors and/or government inspectors reducing on-site visits & disruption. A direction we know the UK FSA is working towards.
Platform can be adapted to food manufacturing & production keeping all records on one platform.
Once installed the IoT infrastructure used for temperature monitoring can be utilised for other solutions including security, asset tracking, staff location, CO2 monitoring, ......


In house restaurants.
Staff canteens .
Deli & food counters
Shop floor.

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