FoodScience AMT

Solutions for Fresh Produce

Fully approved automatic anti-microbial system; eco-friendly, for decontaminating fresh produce, improving quality and greatly extending shelf-life. Fits existing washlines.


Eco-friendly anti-microbial system for decontaminating fresh produce, saves water, improves quality and greatly extends shelf-life. Retro-fits to existing wash lines quickly and easily.

Key Benefits

Clean safe to eat produce, eco-friendly with no harmful by-products (like chlorine), improved quality, extended shelf-life, reduced water usage, easy to fit to existing wash lines, fully automatic to self adjust to microbial loading on incoming produce with data acquisition (web enabled), multi-channel for multiple lines.


Processing of fresh produce to eliminate harmful pathogens. Irrigation of crops to improve plant health and avoid “damping off” & other associated diseases. Irrigation in greenhouses to prevent whitefly/blackfly.

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