An in-depth psychometric and job profiling tool to help organisations, teams and the people within them work more effectively


We have developed the Omnifolio App to create an in-depth and reusable psychometric profile for every individual and team within an organisation.
In order to support professional development, the system allows employees to share their profile with managers, mentors or anyone else that they choose.
The system can also aggregate profile data to build a detailed team profile or even one for an entire organisation.
We're a not-for-profit social enterprise committed to improving the world of work and so our tools are provided free of charge or at significantly lower cost than commercial alternatives.

Key Benefits

We assess a broad range of characteristics including personality, motivations, task interest and skills. We combine this with education and work history to get a uniquely comprehensive profile of each individual and use that to build team profiles and provide powerful insight for management.
Profiling of groups of up to fifty people is currently free of charge.


Our online tools can be used to profile:
- Individuals to support their personal development
- A job role to identify the key drivers of performance
- Teams to analyse cognitive balance and diversity
- An entire organisation to evaluate culture and expertise

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