Small wind turbine generator with an installed capacity of 20 kW and innovative flexible wings, designed for on-grid power supply of small and medium energy consumers.


Freen is a rising technology leader in the green energy market that delivers on the promise of affordable and dependable small wind turbines for everyone. We combine our mechanical engineering expertise with proprietary, patented designs to offer consumers around the world an array of comprehensive wind energy solutions suitable for a broad range of environments and usage scenarios.

Our production facilities are based entirely in the EU and are fully compliant with all relevant industrial standards.

The quality of our work at every stage is ensured through the use of modern IT solutions, including company-wide ERP and PLM systems.

On top of that, our manufacturing process is certified according to the ISO 9001-2015 (quality management system) standard, as well as a number of specialized standards pertaining to particular types of operations — such as welding and production of steel structures.

Key Benefits

Compact vertical design

Our products are easy to install in confined spaces, on rooftops, or other unconventional locations.

Few friction components

All Freen turbines use a minimum of friction elements to avoid heating, wear and tear, as well as energy dissipation.

Low noise pollution

Our turbines are suitable for deployment in the vicinity of residential buildings and in densely populated areas.

Eco-friendly production

Our lean production process and use of lasting, durable materials ensure a low carbon footprint.

Low cost of maintenance

Owing to our innovative design, our turbines boast an average life span of 20 years with minimal maintenance.


While other turbine makers target higher-end energy projects, we effectively address the pain points of up-and-coming energy operators, land owners, farmers, telecoms, and other consumers looking for greater flexibility in planning, deploying, and scaling their power generation capacities in various conditions.

Our products boast the best-in-class energy conversion efficiency among all compact Darrieus turbines and small wind turbines in general. Designed for all-weather low-altitude operation, Freen turbines effortlessly handle turbulent air currents and withstand strong winds owing to the soft and flexible wings, as well as our durable and robust design.

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